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It’s not every day that you find an innovative and dynamic team of security service providers committed to providing solutions. It’s not every day you meet a security firm that is dedicated to keeping its word in regards to excellent security services provision. A majority of businesses preach water and drink wine. Very few companies meet the standards they claim. There are many security companies in the UK and elsewhere, all promising to deliver the same services, except with a level of meticulousness. So how would you know the one company that is true to its word? Well, you can't say, until you try. But you have tried and still haven’t found the one. But have you tried Supreme Guarding Services ?

The name speaks for itself. When it comes to security, we are Supreme. We deliver what we promise. Find hundreds of our clients in our portfolio that can attest to this fact. And we don’t just offer services. We deliver them with style, uniqueness and quality. We just love what we do. So, forgive us for giving an extra touch in our manned guarding solutions. Pardon us when our guards are extra friendly with the clients. We are sorry when our officers step in other duties in addition to their responsibilities. But what would you rather us do? We are Supreme Guarding Services, and we have a reputation to keep.



Concierge Security

At Supreme Guarding Services, we believe that a capable concierge should display, not just the right skill set, but should also possess the right personality, among other requirements for the job. The job itself demands an extroverted personality who can engage with the guests without struggle.

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Corporate Office Security

Corporate office security is an area that we take very seriously at Supreme Guarding Services. We have placed corporate office security at the heart of our business. The field itself is unique. We understand that in a corporate office environment, the security officer is a representation and the face of your business.

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Key Holding and Alarm Response

At Supreme Guarding Services, we understand that for the smooth running of a business, reliable security is crucial. We also understand, better than anyone else the importance of being trustworthy. Trust can never be bought, and in the security field, it cannot be given in full.

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Manned Security Guards

Are you looking for top-notch manned guarding services for your premises? If you don’t compromise on security there is only one place that provides the most trusted services in the UK. Trust is not something you can get in most security companies out there. But you can get it at Supreme Guarding Services.

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CCTV Security

CCTV is one of the best additions to the modern-day security system. Any security services that don’t employ CCTV systems in this contemporary era would be engaging in futility. CCTV services are not only essential for a business; they are critical.

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Construction And Warehouse Security

Constructions and warehouses are a favourite target for delinquents who plan to steal pieces of equipment, machinery, and products in warehouses. Other’s intention is purely to vandalise handovers and constructions that are nearing completion. That’s why it’s necessary to lock up machinery and tools for the night.

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Dog Handling

Outside, they will tell you that a dog is more faithful than a human. In the security space, we know that to be true, and we also assert that a dog is more effective than two security guards.At Supreme Guarding Services, we specialize in providing dog handling security to ensure the safety and satisfaction of our clients.

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Event Security

Events such as concerts, speaking engagements, conventions, and even exhibitions demand some level of discreetness and adequate security measures. Security has to be meticulously planned to achieve the required level of perfection to facilitate the smooth running of the event. And that cannot be achieved by mediocre planning by inexperienced security professionals.

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Retail Security

Security at shopping complexes and outlets in this day and age are becoming increasingly difficult for business owners. The presence of a guard at the entrance of the outlets does not guarantee the security of property, shoppers, employees, and vendors within the premises.

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