Retail Security

Security at shopping complexes and outlets in this day and age are becoming increasingly difficult for business owners. The presence of a guard at the entrance of the outlets does not guarantee the security of property, shoppers, employees, and vendors within the premises. Retail operators have to look for additional means, a more comprehensive security system to prevent the risk of malicious acts from being perpetrated within the premises.

Ensuring security at retail stores and shopping complexes has proven to be quite a challenge. Unlike the office building settings, retail premises are open for the public. More people go in as they go out. Needless to say, it needs a more sophisticated solution. And a complex retail security solution calls for the best security service providers in the market;

An Extensive Experience

Supreme Guarding is one of the bestretail security companies in the UK, if not the very best. We offer the best retail security services in the country for shopping centres and high street brands within the UK. Our extensive experience, in addition to our intensive research on the retail security subject, gives us an upper hand and guarantees a safer environment for your customers, employees, and property. No one understands better than us, the importance of quality customer experience, and an attractive environment like we do.

We have highly experienced retail security specialists in planning, managing, and delivering the best retail security services for you. We select only the best, so be sure that the team deployed is talented, passionate, driven, well trained and equipped with everything they need to deliver impeccable retail security services. Here are some of the expectations of a security operative

  • Should greet visitors in a friendly and courteous manner
  • Be far and indiscriminate of gender, race, sexual orientation, marital status, religion, ethnicity, nationality or disability
  • Behave with personal integrity and understanding
  • Carry his or her duty in a professional and courteous manner
  • Be fit, remain alert and develop a knowledge of the local services and amenities appropriately

At Supreme Guarding, we have made it a mission, delivering the best possible retail security standards in terms of world-class services, technical expertise, integrity, a professional image, and clear communication.

Areas We Operate In

Some of the areas we serve in include:

  • Convenience stores Coffee and restaurant shops
  • Supermarkets Department stores
  • Factory outlets Fashion stores
  • Discount stores Electronic stores
  • Vintage stores DIY supplies

We understand that clients are completely different from each other. The needs vary depending on the business lines. That is why we try as much as possible to offer costumed retail security services while maintaining the same quality and consistency to all our customers and clients.

Our Retail Security Officers

It won’t be the first time for us, working in a retail/store environment. We have deployed tens of our employees in a similar setting before. You will be joining an extensive portfolio of retail properties with long-running contracts that have subscribed to our services and have been impressed with our services

The Supreme Guardingretail security companies the UK prepares all its retail security guards in all situations. Most of these practices have been gathered from our experiences on other client sites. Besides security alertness and vigilance, our guards have been trained to take a friendly approach when engaging with the public.

We take the liberty to monitor the quality and integrity of our services by ensuring our officers

  • Our SIA licensed and DBS checked
  • Have completed our comprehensive training program and are fully trained and vetted to BS 7858 standards
  • Well trained in literacy, numeracy, and communication
  • They carry sufficiently identifiable uniforms together with ID badges

Under BS7585 rules, the background is well effected as well as a referenced ten-year work history before any security guard can join our team. We emphasize excellent communication skills in our selection process. This will ensure that the retail security guards deploy offer excellent customer service to clients. In addition to that, we allocate a dedicated client manager wholly responsible for providing high-level service delivery on site.

Here are some of the duties retail service officer

  • Guarding property against destruction, theft or damage
  • Defending premise against unauthorized access, disorder, or loss
  • Protect people against assault or any injury sustained by the unlawful conduct of others

A retail security guard may ask an individual to vacate the premise in case they

  • Break criminal law
  • Have no right to be there
  • Conduct themselves in unacceptable behavior
  • Break site rules

Our guards take necessary precaution to avoid civil lawsuits against the company. We have trained them on the importance of courtesy and obtaining permission before searching. To hire retail security guards with a knack for excellence, you know how to find us. Give us a call