Manned/Security Guards

Are you looking for top-notch manned guarding services for your premises? If you don’t compromise on security there is only one place that provides the most trusted services in the UK. Trust is not something you can get in most security companies out there. But you can get it at Supreme Guarding. As the name suggests, we are among the industry heavyweights offering some of the most comprehensive range of manned guarding services from commercial to public sector security.

We understand your need for a safer environment for your business and staff. The world is no longer a safe place - that’s a fact. You never know when a burglar, a robber, and worse off a terrorist is planning to attack. That’s why a little bit of caution is crucial in ensuring a safer environment for your business. We provide some of the best-manned guarding services regardless of your size or location. With us protecting you, we guarantee a safer environment for your business premises and personnel.

But What Is Manned Guarding In The First Place?

There are all kinds of manned guarding definitions on the Internet. But we make it simpler for you. We define the term in three main elements. Manned guarding includes protection:

  • Against any unauthorized entry to a business premise or building
  • Against the destruction and damage of a building or premise
  • Against assault or injury.

Supreme Guarding offers your business the best-manned security guards in the country for protection against any such acts that might disturb peace. Our guards are active in patrols and monitoring of CCTV cameras within your business vicinity to accord a 24 hour seven days a week full protection.

Our officers have appropriate CCTV licenses that could also assist with:

  • Tracking and monitoring the activities of specific members of the public in a public or private place
  • Focusing on specific events in and around the business premises by directing camera at them
  • Identifying persons of interest
  • Protecting the business premises or someone from disorder or physical violations

You can expect nothing less of our top-notch security system. Our manned security personnel are highly specialized in matters security. You can also rely on our manned guarding services for the best security solutions wherever you are in the UK

Highest Standards Of Recruitment

Before incorporating a guard staff on our team, a proper background check is conducted. You can, therefore, be sure of peace of mind when our guards protect your firm. Before hiring, we ensure our manning guard staff has undergone rigorous training exercise and security scenarios to ensure they are dedicated, well equipped and ready for all situations, emergencies especially. Our hiring process is known to be fully comprehensive, and staff must have attained full SIA and ISO accreditation to join our team. These high standards have enabled us become a leading choice in security guard agencies.

Through Training And Examination

Our approach to manning makes us a unique security entity. We not only specialize in risk and loss, but we also stabilize, improve and innovate using the best technology to support our clients and security teams. As aforementioned, our manned security guards are also trained in CCTV monitoring along with other security systems to give you a complete security service that ensures the safety of your working premise

Training is not a one-time thing for our staff. We also ensure they are regularly updated on new security concerns and protocols. We acknowledge the crucial role our staff has played in the success of our security team. We appreciate them by rewarding their efforts for a well-done job. We also secure, deploy and retain the right staff besides providing expert management and training.

Besides security training, we also train our basic personnel etiquette to ensure they are friendly and polite when dealing with customers and the general public. We guarantee that they will best uphold your company values wherever they are posted.

Best For Any Industry

We understand the different kinds of environments our personnel could be subjected to. And that’s why we incorporate all areas in our training aspects to ensure our personnel are ready. Before the staff leaves our base, they have extensive knowledge and experience in securing access points.

Whether you need gatehouse security for control of construction and industry access points or a security guard to protect your corporate premise, best be assured that we have the best officers for the task. They are also equipped to apply their expertise to a host of other facilities.

Why Choose Us

  • We guarantee 24/7 guard deployment wherever you need protection in entry and exit points
  • You get the best officers, adequately vetted, fully trained and SIA licensed
  • Internal and external on foot patrols for static security guards to deter trespassers and break-ins
  • Our officers are trained on customer service skills and etiquette on a professional level alongside telephone and reception duties.
  • In case of an emergency, our staff will jump right in the situation and administer first aid where needed.
  • The Supreme Guarding management security company is renowned for its excellent customer retention rate. Our broad base of clients can speak of our excellent manned guarding services.

By any means, the presence of a security guard cannot be underestimated. His presence is enough to deter someone from trespassing, being aggressive, and other common security issues.

In the unlikely event that a breach still manages to happen, the on-site officer is quick to respond to the situation than if they are remotely located. It allows them to apprehend whenever need be and detain culprits causing an issue within your business premise

Manned security is still one of the most effective preventative measures to ensure the protection of your premises and personnel.

Supreme Guarding boasts years of first-hand experience in security management. Feel free to visit our premises and choose the guards yourself. We will even give you a bit of advice when it comes to choosing the best guard for your needs. We are committed to keeping your staff, business, and premises safe at all times.

Whatever your security needs, the supreme guard is the agency you can trust. Don’t hesitate to call us if you feel your business needs the services of our manning guard.