Key Holding and Alarm Response

At Supreme Guarding, we understand that for the smooth running of a business, reliable security is crucial. We also understand, better than anyone else the importance of being trustworthy. Trust can never be bought, and in the security field, it cannot be given in full. Instead, only assurance can be accorded for the time being as you more trust from client. With that in mind, we value our client’s trust. And the fact that you trust us with key holding responsibilities, it means so much to our relationship.

When you trust us with residential key holding and alarm response services, you put your trust in us, and we value that more than anything. In return we offer some very cost-effective and value-added services for your organisation.

You can trust us in responding to an actual incident on time and saving clients the hassle of responding to a tripped alarm. Our key holding and rapid alarm response services give you the peace of mind with the knowledge that your property is protected.

Cover Your Premises And Out Of Time Employees

Our proactive and reactive responses give you a comprehensive cover on both the premise and the employee. Per the industry’s key holding standard BS 7984 you can safeguard your keys with us. In turn we will be available on call for any emergency and guard response service you will require any time especially at the odd hours of the night.

If you haven’t tried outsourcing key holding services, you will find that key holding can be such an effective and affordable security solution for your premise. Besides the reduced costs in full-time security, you won’t be obligated to respond to respond to incidents. If you do your math well, you will find it worth the cost. Supreme Guarding takes risks posed to your premise and employee’s and manages them in a way that the business is not affected by any threats or breaches.

What You Get

Our licensed SIA operatives that are deployed to your site are given the best training available to support the operation and provide a 24-hour communication control centre. They are also

  • Fully SIA licensed and trained in the highest industrial standards
  • Trained in delivering reception, concierge duties for corporate premises
  • Able to prevent vandalism and trespassing
  • Trained on gatehouse security for entrance and exit points
  • Trained in alarm system surveillance and CCTV monitoring

As you can see, you get a fully trained security guard with all the necessary skills and knowledge in all security aspects to your organisation. Therefore in case of an emergency, you can expect the response guard to respond in the stipulated manner and provide a reliable solution. Any signs of criminal activity are reported to headquarters immediately after which we notify the police if need be.

The Need for the Services

Absence of a working alarm response unit leaves your premises and staff vulnerable to criminal exploitation. It jeopardises the safety of your employees besides risking your property. The best way to avoid such stress is trusting residential key holding services and guard response services to a reputable security company like Supreme Guarding to do all the hard labour at your most inconvenient time.

Supreme Guarding is a fully accredited security service provider. Once the activation signal is first received in our control rooms, our alarm response agents verify the status of the client property, facility and residence first. After which the control room is given feedback.

The Supreme guard alarm response team carries out an assessment of the client premises for any threats, including fire. An appropriate response that which meets the client’s requirement is then effected.

Why Choose Us

  • Rapid response to alarm activations during closed periods. This means you and your staff won’t have to risk responding to the same late in the night
  • An out of hours cover both at night and during weekends and on-call 24/7
  • An audited response time
  • Peace of mind that keys, premises and staff are safe at all time
  • A minimum most disruption of your business when the break-ins occur

Supreme Guarding staff have received comprehensive training programs on quick and effective alarm response services. This should guarantee you peace of mind. Our vehicles are equipped with GPS tracking. We will get to your business premises as fast as possible. We also train our guard response teams to liaise with police. You can trust us to guarantee the security of your premises at the earliest opportunity in the event of an intrusion.

You are just a call away from the best key holding and alarm response services. Feel free to reach out