Event Security

Events such as concerts, speaking engagements, conventions, and even exhibitions demand some level of discreetness and adequate security measures. Security has to be meticulously planned to achieve the required level of perfection to facilitate the smooth running of the event. And that cannot be achieved by mediocre planning by inexperienced security professionals.

When it comes to event security management, you cannot afford to falter in your security choice. The only trust SIA certified and experienced professionals- Supreme Guarding.

Corporates are witnesses to the meticulous manner in which our event security company executes its security duties. Before we even begin, a careful, in-depth risk assessment is conducted on the event. During this stage, we analyze the possible and potential risks involved. We account for all factors, such as the volume of visitors, the location, assets, and target demographics.

After accounting for these factors, we, after that, design a security solution that brings into perspective all aspects of; visitor screening, access control, crowd management, asset protection, contingency plans, and emergency evacuations. The protocols that we come up with come after careful consideration and ensure there is no management conflict between internal staff and Supreme Guarding leading up to the event and during the event.

At Supreme Guarding, our comprehensive and inclusive events package addresses all potential vulnerabilities that have the potential to breach your security event. We guarantee you a safe environment as you host your visitors and staff. All possible security threats and challenges are averted way before they occur.

A wide range of customers can attest to the successful security we have provided them during their events. Some of the events that we have provided protection for include:

  • Industry Events
  • Birthday Parties
  • Film Launch
  • Museum Openings
  • Large Scale Events School
  • Office Parties
  • Sporting Events
  • School And College Parties
  • Art Exhibitions

Services Offered

Here are some of the services we offer for event security:

  • Manned guarding
  • Crowd management
  • Access control
  • Entry screening and bag/body searches
  • Gate attendants
  • Car park management
  • Ushers
  • Traffic control

No one understands better than Supreme Guarding that no two events are the same. Different events present different challenges and demand different solutions. We customize each event to its uniqueness and design personal solutions for events to ensure absolute security. Our event security guards should be flexible to your organization's requirements.

Event Security Staff

We put a lot of time and energy, training our event security officers. We teach them on a number of security scenarios that may arise during events. It encourages their confidence in protecting the reputation of Supreme Guarding.

Besides the screening and checking of all event visitors and guests, we also confirm authorization to be present. Our security officers also proactively deal with problems that may arise. Our event security officers also undertake regular patrols of the entire venue.

We also understand that we cannot deliver an incidence-less event on our own. That's why we value partnership, not just with you, and the guests, but also with the local authorities and the police. An essential aspect of the delivery of our event security guard services is ensuring the lines of communication remain open, which is particularly crucial during an emergency.

For easy recognition, our event security guards clad in unique attires that conform to our guidelines and professionalism

First Aid

And in the less likely event that there is an emergency, our events security company guards are trained in first aid and will be there to assist the affected. It is reassuring for most of our clients, knowing that Supreme Guarding event security guards can handle initial and immediate assistance to injured or ill persons before medical help arrives.

First aid aims to:

  • Reservation of life
  • To avert the worsening of the condition
  • Promote recovery

And should you love our event security guard services, as many of our clients have, we will be willing to take another look at the pricing. Many of our clients love the event security services in London given by our friendly guards such that they insist on the same personnel the next time. Although we guarantee that all our guards undergo the same training, we will be willing to listen to your requests, including the changes you need.

Give us a call today to find out how and where we can help in organizing a successful and safe event. We will be happy to discuss various options and answer all your queries before recommending the most appropriate package that suits your needs.