Dog Handling

Outside, they will tell you that a dog is more faithful than a human. In the security space, we know that to be true, and we also assert that a dog is more effective than two security guards.

At Supreme Guarding, we specialize in providing dog handling security to ensure the safety and satisfaction of our clients. We are committed to protecting residential and commercial premises, venues, valuable assets, and projects from trespass, vandalism, and theft.

Dog Handling Patrol Units

The latest from the UK government data shows that CCTV is one of the most effective solutions for crime, especially in car parks. Criminals, however, are always finding ways to bypass these security measures. Companies like construction, retail, and manufacturing and renewable energy farms have been forced to look for additional means to secure their property from determined intruders who disregard CCTV footages by wearing masks to hide their identities.

Criminals prefer attacking easier targets with low-security levels like CCTV cameras and static guards. But no intruder would dare continue his business at the sight of a dog guard. Dogs are an audible and visual deterrent for invaders. The fear of harm from dogs is a strong deterrent that stops perpetrators from pursuing crime.

Our licensed guards are trained on the highest standards of the National Association of Security Dog Users (NASDU). We also follow through with our dog training programs that each of our dog handlers goes through before being deployed.

We have partnered with a range of government and private organizations in providing customized protection according to the needs of the client. We operate on a nationwide scale, providing dog guard security solutions for companies, both big and small. Our dog security services are impeccable, when you hire our dog security services, be assured of maximum protection of your premise and properties.

Why Choose A Guard Dog?

  • Cost-effective than hiring two guards. Studies have shown that a dog is as active as up to six guards. Why hire six guards while you can hire a dog handler?
  • A security dog’s hearing is four times more sensitive than a human’s
  • A dog’s sense of smell is incredible. They have found usage in drugs and explosive detention
  • When it comes to running, a security dog is always alert and can run up to 45 miles per hour
  • A security dog is also scarier and more deterrent than a security guard.

The security dog is such an essential asset in the protection of a site. Its role in citing a peculiar situation is unmatched. The handler is well trained on how to handle the case after the dog identifies the perpetrator.

If you have a situation that requires more vigilance and a higher deterrent, then you need a dog security guard. Supreme Guarding provides the best dog handling security services in the UK.

Situations where dog security can be very effective are:

  • Where there is more real estate, for instance, large farms,
  • Corporate offices where a sole security guard can not resolve issues
  • Unoccupied lands, vacant properties, construction sites, renewable energy sites, data centers, server farms, manufacturing, and warehouses
  • High crime areas where there is a need for an additional deterrent
  • Drug detention areas where dog senses are needed alongside handler experience

Our dog handling division is well trained, including our dogs. All aspect of security scenarios has been covered and tested. We also employ modern technology in our dog handling security services. For instance we have trained our dogs and handlers how to respond to alarms and CCTV citing. We also have a backup team ready to step in, a monitoring center, among other facilities and services available for use when needed.

Residential Security Guards

We provide residential dog handler patrol services to residential areas to keep our clients safe. And you don’t have to worry about a loose dog; our handlers are well trained on keeping the dog under control at all times. About cost, a dog handler will cost you less than a lone guard

Scenario Dog Training

We are consistent in our regular training with dog handlers. Different situations that might occur on-site are imitated and an effective procedure to handle any similar situation.

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