Corporate Office Security

Corporate office security is an area that we take very seriously at Supreme Guarding. We have placed corporate office security at the heart of our business. The field itself is unique. We understand that in a corporate office environment, the security officer is a representation and the face of your business.

Supreme Guarding Services offers the best professional and service-oriented guarding for corporate office security tasks. We understand the high level of security needed when it comes to protecting business information. And that’s why at Supreme Guarding; we offer first class protection to corporates and commercial property security to businesses in the UK.

How Deep Is the Problem?

It is rather unfortunate that most organisations don’t have the necessary security measures at hand to deal with threats on their business premises. As a result, they are prone to incidences of theft, sabotage, vandalism, unauthorised access, burglary and terrorism.

Organisations must seek out help and outsource to counter these security problems. Professional advice does a great deal in assisting in management and even prevent the crisis from external attacks. At Supreme Guarding, we boast of industry-level expertise in the prevention of such a mess. We also have working solutions to secure you, your staff and business premises against any such acts that pose a security threat to your corporation.

Focus On Employee and Property Security

Our focus is geared towards enhancing the security of employees and the building while at the same time ensuring the daily operations stay undisrupted. To help us with the maintenance of peace in your organisation, we use some carefully tailored solutions derived from a deep understanding of your business environment and culture.

Our highly trained, experienced and adequately vetted team of personnel with aid from tools such as alarm systems, CCTV and access controls are always up to task in meeting to your security needs. We can, therefore, guarantee the safety of your business assets.

Where We Work

Our 1st class protection services protect a whole range of industries, commercial properties and businesses included. We have provided our office and building security services to Multinational Corporations as well as mid-level companies and startups. All of which can attest to a level of detail and commitment in our undertakings. Some of the properties that we have protected include:

  • Office buildings and complexes.
  • Retail shops.
  • Manufacturing and factory facilities.
  • Shopping malls.
  • Warehouse and distribution facilities.
  • Hotels, arenas, stadiums and halls.
  • Medical facilities, i.e. labs, hospitals and blood banks.

The Demands of a Corporate Office Environment

We understand the demands of a corporate office environment. Such demands for a well presentable individual with excellent communication skills. That’s why we have included customer service and etiquette skills when training our staff. We guarantee that before we deploy a corporate security guard to your business premises, they have all the necessary skills and information they need.

The corporate setting is one field that we deem sensitive. So, as we train our guards, we try and monitor and evaluate them. At the end of the day, we get a sense of who may thrive in a corporate office environment and who may not. We select staff according to their ability in different fields. We have to ensure we release staff that possess the following skills:

  • A demonstrated fluency in written and spoken English.
  • Ability to answer phone calls, operate switchboards and redirect calls.
  • Basic customer service and safety skills.
  • Ability to be calm under pressure.
  • A responsible and mature nature.
  • Experience in conducting patrols professionally.
  • Ability to operate computer systems.
  • Ability to monitor CCTV.

Services on Offer

At Supreme Guarding, we offer clients only the best in customer service and security. In the spirit of excellence, we allocate a dedicated client manager fully responsible for service delivery within your site. The team is fully functional with regular meetings with your team as well to accord you the full benefit of our services.

Did we mention that we dress for the occasion? You will find our attires smart and on point although we can compromise on that to cater the requirement of your corporate identity.

We provide the following services:

  • Reception cover
  • Key control
  • Event security
  • Concierge duties
  • Access control
  • Facility assistance
  • Car park surveillance
  • Overnight patrols

We value your safety and the decision to contract us seeking assistance in regards to the security of your site. You can rest assured that we work professionally and believe that communication is integral in maintaining a significant relationship between us.

Besides the security of your buildings and making sure they are safe and operational, the corporate security guards conduct regular patrols. During these controls, they ensure that.

  • All entry points including windows and doors are locked and clear from any hazards
  • All bathroom taps are shut and not open
  • No signs of fire or gas leaks

Any incidences during patrols are recorded in the logbook that we provide for them. It is then conveyed to your staff at the point of handover.

You also don’t have to worry about any emergency incidences as all our guards have completed basic first aid and fire Marshall training. The corporate security guards are regularly updated on new trends and issues surrounding terrorism. They have also been trained on Project Griffin.

Feel free to reach us for the best office and building security services.