Construction And Warehouse Security

Constructions and warehouses are a favourite target for delinquents who plan to steal pieces of equipment, machinery, and products in warehouses. Other’s intention is purely to vandalise handovers and constructions that are nearing completion. That’s why it’s necessary to lock up machinery and tools for the night. We advise all our clients to do this and to highlight the problem areas beforehand.

Supreme Guarding has received an immense amount of praise for the company’s ability to handle unauthorised occupations that are common during the night. We ensure our guards maintain the rigorous access control of the site, especially during the wee hours of the night, to avoid any property loss that may result from unauthorised occupations.

In our experience, we have also found that children can be an issue for construction sites. Their access can be dangerous for them and for the project as a whole. We try as much as possible to avoid any such scenarios by keeping them away. Supreme Guarding is privy to all the ways that children may attempt to gain access to construction sites. For instance, when retrieving a ball. Rest assured, we have devised strategies to avert such scenarios in a sensitive yet forceful manner.

Solutions For Your Construction And Warehouse Needs

Here are some of the construction and warehouse security services that we offer:

  • Manned Guards
  • Guard Patrol
  • Monitoring System
  • CCTV Surveillance
  • Mobile Patrols
  • Secure Key Holding
  • Car Park Supervisions
  • Fire Marshals
  • Electronic Tag Touch Points
  • Managing Deliveries
  • Traffic Marshals
  • Dog Units And Handlers
  • Safety Supervision
  • Access Control

Supreme Guarding is an ISO certified and approved constructor for construction site security monitoring.

Supreme Guarding offers a comprehensive constriction and warehouse security services for a wide range of customers in the United Kingdom. Among our security solutions are manned guards at your construction and warehouse sites, alarm system and CCTV monitoring, and a guard patrol monitoring system. Hiring Supreme Guarding for your construction site security monitoring needs assures you the peace of mind for the duration of your construction.

Risk Assessment

Before getting involved, our team conducts a risk assessment to analyse the potential challenges. That way, we come up with possible security solutions for your construction and warehouses. The assessment also helps us come up with a reasonable and competitive quotation for our services.

The security guards we send at your sites are SIA licensed and trained to deliver a fully combined guarding and surveillance site security services that meet your security needs. On top of that, we arm them with all the necessary tools to ensure they deliver quality that we are renowned for.

In the warehouse setting, you will find that our guards will involve themselves in business operations. They will cover reception duties and provide back up to on-site staff during the night and day shifts. It’s the guard’s duty to secure the site even during the shifts and ensure stock and goods are never at risk by:

  • Securing the site from extreme weather condition
  • Checking and ensuring perishable products are kept fresh
  • Ensuring that no item is dislodged, damaged or faulty
  • Deterring any case of intruding and vandalism
  • Noting down injury incidents that may occur

These extra services offered stress the importance of warehouse security.Butit’s not just about the impeccable levels of site security services that we offer, but the professionalism we employ in providing these services. You see, we like to be accountable for the events that happen during our security tenure. So, we keep track of what happens while on guard though a daily occurrence log sheet where we record peculiar events occurring within the warehouse.

And when things get more stringent, we have a procedure to escalate security measures. It involves getting in touch with the control room who, after that, contact emergency services or the site manager if need be.

Trustworthy Guards

We have a very rigorous recruitment process. Before selection, we conduct an impeccable background check on our staff and ensure there are no existing criminal records among our officers. We additionally verify the integrity of our guards during our training and individuals with questionable morals are struck off our teams before deployment. During training as well, staff are monitored closely for any signs of untrustworthiness. You can be sure that the individuals we send your way pass the integrity test.

The reason for this is; we understand that security guards will have to be trusted with key holding. We care about our client’s property as well as our reputation.

Emergencies And First Aid Trained

Our guards are also competent in fire and traffic marshalling. In case of such emergencies, our guards will be there to control the situation. And in case of any injuries associated with the emergencies, the first aid skills that our guards have been trained should be in effect before medical officers arrive at the scene.

We are just only a call away. We are ready to share more on what we do and what we can do for your business.