Concierge Security

At Supreme Guarding, we believe that a capable concierge should display, not just the right skill set, but should also possess the right personality, among other requirements for the job. The job itself demands an extroverted personality who can engage with the guests without struggle.

A good reception leaves a great impression on visitors. And excellent services bring the customer back. We understand the job demands that come with a front desk operator. First of all they have to be friendly and welcoming, then excellent customer serviceability. Our understanding of this puts us in a better position to serve your organization.

But in light of the expected services, we also understand the changing atmosphere around security. Everything is constantly evolving. The threats we had 40 years ago are becoming redundant as new threats arise. The risk of terrorism was not as well-defined four decades ago as it is today. And London is the capital for UK has to factor in the possibility the security threat.

We equip our staff with the necessary skills and competence when dealing with such extreme scenarios. We believe it is crucial in this day and age for a concierge to have a form of training in security. They should also be in a position to combine the traditional role of concierge and a security guard when need be. You can only find that at Supreme Guarding.

Our Excellent Services

We don’t compromise when it comes to offering the best services. Our recruitment process is as thorough as possible. We assure you, our officers are fully vetted, SIA certified, and professionally trained in all aspects as security guards for both corporate and residential concierge services.

We take particular emphasis on the security of our client premises. The piece of mind of staff is also a chief concern, and we feel we are responsible for maintaining the same for both our client staff, visitors and residents. But besides the regular tasks that our team can handle, there is more that we can provide as part of value addition and as a complimentary.

Concierge is much more than a front of house presence, at least from our perspective. And that’s why our staff have to go through an extensive training program at the in-house academy to ensure they are fully equipped in dealing with extremities such as theft, vandalism, and violence. This is a necessary step to ensure your staff and customers feel safer in their homes and offices.

To achieve no incident, our night concierge security secures all entry and exit points that bad actors may capitalize on. Our concierge also monitors unusual activities on the CCTV, log in visitors and direct them wherever they want to go while turning away those looking suspicious. We might even jump in when need be in conducting building codes. We have been involved in the duty before, and we guarantee you will find our expertise valuable.

The Meet And Greet

We accord the meet and greet anyone who might feel unsafe for whatever reason. Be assured we will be there for you if you are feeling unsafe to go home in the evening or even to leave for the office in the morning.

You can even trust us with property or car as we accompany you to the door. That is after scanning and securing the area for possible threats. The service significantly reduces the chances of being victim to personal crime and is highly recommended in the regions that pose a significant security threat.

Value Addition Services

We do not limit our vigilance within the premises, but externally as well. We also take responsibility for the vehicles that come to our client’s premises. If such we find a car unsecured and unlocked, we inform owner. This is part of our value-added services.

As we inspect customers, our night concierge security is also expected to inspect the facilities within the premises routinely. This is where we can offer advice on the necessary repair works that need an undertaking such as the fixing of light bulbs, faulty lifts, broken or cracked windows, replacing light bulbs, and any other similar tasks.

We hope that we can also assist in avoiding the breaches in health and safety. Reporting incidents as early as they are discovered is essential in maintaining security.

Now, while security and safety are our primary concern, we also take pleasure in providing complementary and personalized services, for instance, receiving food deliveries, dry cleaning, and making restaurant reservations and booking cabs or any duties as per the client request.

But all in all, actions speak louder than words. And that being the case, we believe our high customer retention speaks better than our words. Join hundreds of our clients that enjoy our proven, reliable, and impeccable services/ it doesn’t matter the size of your company, neither your location. You can trust that Supreme Guarding will be there when you need the best concierge services. Give us a call today.