CCTV Security

CCTV is one of the best additions to the modern-day security system. Any security services that don’t employ CCTV systems in this contemporary era would be engaging in futility. CCTV services are not only essential for a business; they are critical. Why?

  • They act as visible and physical deterrents for criminals, hardcore, and petty criminals alike, as well as those with intentions of engaging in questionable behavior around and within the premise. It has been proven that presence of CCTV cameras reduces the likelihood of attacks. 
  • CCTV camera footages help secure physical evidence where there will be prosecutions when crimes are committed within the view range of the cameras. This includes outside premises. That’s why they are a vital security apparatus for business and security service organizations.
  • Camera monitoring services are cost-effective. The fact that they deter criminals from attacking your organization saves you from loss of property, from damages and even fire within your home or business. 
  • The presence of CCTV also, in a way, is an assurance of security to the visitors. And nothing can equal the peace of mind for the customer visiting your premises. But it’s not just about the peace of mind to the customer, but yourself as a property owner.

At Supreme Guarding, we recommend the latest state of art technology cameras, cost-effective, and fully functional with high-resolution footages that can offer valuable evidence for identifying culprits for prosecution. The CCTV cameras can be linked to central control in real-time for monitoring.

CCTV Monitoring

We believe that CCTVs are not for show; they should be monitored round the clock to provide for maximum security service. 

At Supreme Guarding, we have specialized in remote monitoring services. We have a team of experienced CCTV monitoring staff that have undergone an intensive and comprehensive in-house training program to ensure they are capable of reacting to any eventuality at your site professionally and efficiently.

Below are some of our CCTV monitoring services:

Residential CCTV Monitoring

The package is perfect for home and family residential. If you want peace of mind for you and your family, contact us for CCTV monitoring services for a small family residential setting.

Commercial CCTV Monitoring

You cannot dare leave your business unmonitored during the day at the hive of business activities, during the night when premises are closed or even during the weekends when no one is at work. We provide 24/7 camera monitoring services. You can have peace of mind that your properties are well protected.

CCTV Installer Services

We don’t just monitor. We work with CCTV installation companies to help resolve challenging customer requirements. In case any upgrades or more installations needed, we let you know and even recommend the best and cost-effective CCTV cameras to acquire.

In the event of a breach, trespass in a restricted zone or the triggering of motion sensor alarms:

  • CCTV cameras will be there to capture live footage of the scene. The footage is sent live and direct to our remote monitoring area. Trained operators will be on the other end ready to act on the threat. 
  • An audio warning is issued to the intruder that they are being monitored. They are also alerted that that emergency services are on the way. By this time, our mobile patrol units are on high alert and on the way to the vicinity. 
  • Upon arrival, the site is secured. The mobile patrol security team is well equipped with knowledge on how to handle different security threat levels. If need be or if the security of the public is at risk, our CCTV operators have a direct line to the police.

Note that while this is happening, our remote monitoring service teams are on high alert in case the incidence is a diversion from the real threat.

We Account For Events 

Accountability and responsibility are some of the core values we persist on at Supreme Guarding. Besides the monitoring of CCTV, our well-trained operators have been trained to account for anything and everything peculiar within the client premise. Our officers prepare a detailed report on daily events. 

We analyze these reports and look for ways to improve security at your premises. Any risks detected by our CCTV monitoring systems are taken very seriously. We contact a designated member of your management and alert them on the problem and recommendations

Feel free to reach us out for the best CCTV monitoring services in the UK.